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What is my face shape?

The five most common face shapes

Silhouette of an oblong face
Silhouette of an oval face
Silhouette of a square face
Silhouette of a round face
Silhouette of a heart-shaped face

Frequently asked questions

Determining your face shape involves analyzing the overall contours and features of your face. Face shapes are typically categorized as oval, round, square, oblong or heart-shaped. To identify your face shape, you should examine aspects like forehead width, cheekbone width, jawline, and face length. While manual assessment can provide a general idea, FaceShapeAI offers an easy and proven way to find out your face shape accurately.
The facial analysis on our website is based on a combination of image processing and AI algorithms. Initially, the uploaded photo is analyzed to identify facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, and contours. Subsequently, a series of mathematical and statistical techniques are used to determine the face shape. Our AI models have been trained with a large amount of data to achieve accurate and reliable results.
Various information about the face is extracted from the uploaded photo, including the position and shape of the eyes, nose, mouth, and the contours of the face. This information serves as the basis for the face shape analysis.
We place great importance on protecting the privacy of our users. The uploaded photos are not permanently stored on our website. We use them exclusively for the purpose of facial shape analysis and ensure that they are handled securely and confidentially. We do not store or use the photos for other purposes and ensure that your personal data is protected.
Yes, the face shape analysis on our website is free for all users. We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to analyze their face shape and receive suitable recommendations, regardless of financial means. To continue to offer the service for free, we finance ourselves through advertising on our website. Through this support, we can ensure that you as a user have no costs and can receive the full benefit of our face shape analysis.
Our AI has a high accuracy in determining the face shape. It has been trained with a comprehensive amount of data that covers a variety of faces with different shapes. However, there may be slight deviations or uncertainties in some cases, especially if the uploaded photo is of poor quality or the face is not clearly visible.
Currently, our face shape analysis is only available for individual faces in uploaded photos. The AI is trained to recognize and analyze a single face. In group photos, the AI may not be able to distinguish the faces individually and therefore cannot perform a precise face shape analysis.
Our AI recognizes various face shapes, including round, oval, oblong, heart-shaped, and square. We have trained our AI model with a wide range of face shapes to cover as many variations as possible. It is important to note that there may also be individual variations within the general face shapes.
The accuracy of the face shape analysis depends on various factors, including the quality of the uploaded photo and the clarity of facial features. To achieve the best results, we recommend uploading a well-lit photo with a clear view of the face. Make sure the face is clearly visible and that no obstacles such as hair or accessories affect the analysis. The better the quality of the photo, the more accurate the results of the face shape analysis will be.